Tree climbing

103469Training for workers at height operating in the trees. 104721

This training is a good preparation for the EUROPEAN
TREE WORKER certification in the field of OHS and PPE.

  • target groups: arborists, gardeners, foresters, IRS, electrotechnicians, ornithologist, rangers, hunters, photographers, film-makers, personnel of rope centres, geocachers...
  • target objects of operation: trees

Content of training 103470

  • theoretical part:
    legislation in EU and CZ (laws, norms and other regulations,
    Labour Code), risk analysis, accident prevention, first aid (first aid giving, communication with IRS, first aid bag equipment)
  • theoretical exam: test with 40 questions
  • practical part:
    1) introduction to PPE, using climbing techniques for OHS securing and positioning, OHS in the workplace (warning tape, high-visibility clothing, helmet), installation of ascending ropes, installation of working ropes, ascending and descending from treetops, movement in treetops, single rope technique, doubled rope technique, double crotching, securing tools at height, basic rope anchoring techniques, basic knots, high risk tree felling, work with tree climbing spikes, hauling and lowering of a load, basic block and tackle systems
    2) first aid (resuscitation, basic bandaging techniques, stopping the bleeding, recovery position, anti-shock measures), extrication from an accident site, emergency evacuation from trees
    3) knots and materials testing on a drop tower and tearing machine, look into Singing Rock PPE production (only at POLYGON Poniklá)
  • practical exam: according to the practical part, practical task and its correct solving within OHS

Additional information

  • take with you: solid ankle boots, work clothing, gloves, eye protection, snack, own PPE for work at height (not a prerequisite; complete equipment is lent free of charge during the training)

  • place of training: POLYGON Poniklá 103468

  • number of participants: max. 8 participants per one trainer

  • duration of training: 30 hours (4 days)
  • output: certificate, card with a photo, textbook

  • validity of certificate: 12 months


  • training: 7740,- CZK without VAT (9365,- CZK including VAT)
  • one day re-training: 1880,- CZK without VAT (2275,- CZK including VAT)

Registration, dates

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