103250All trainings are in line with current EU and Czech legislation. In the system of trainings, courses are divided into three basic classes which cover most of the requirements for persons working at height. The basic, one-day training is Class 1 which includes for example manoeuvres on roofs and constructions. Class 2 offers trainings which very often reflect a specific activity – rope access, tree climbing, rescue. POLYGON also provides related trainings dealing with inspection of PPE, familiarizing sellers with PPE as well as trainings “tailored” to the client's needs.

Multimedia classrooms with modern equipment are available for the theoretical part. The practical part takes places in spacious halls where one can find examples of many model situations for work at height and above depth. POLYGONs also provide complete PPE equipment for safeguarding and manoeuvres of persons working at height. Trainees therefore have the opportunity to design, together with the trainer, efficient and safe equipment for a specific activity. The complete equipment is lent to every participant free of charge during the training.

Overview of POLYGON Training Programs

103251Class 1 - Roofs and constructions

For workers who have a permanent foothold during work (it is not work in hanging position).

  • target objects of operation: roofs, frame constructions, poles, ladders, industrial halls (machines, moulds, loaders, constructions), elevated surfaces, shelves, scaffolding, silos, stage constructions, cranes, sewerage, chimneys, etc.

103252Class 2 - Rope access

For workers performing work in hanging position.

  • target objects of operation: tall buildings, silos, difficult access areas and more

103262 103253Tree climbing

For workers at height operating in the trees.

  • target objects of operation: trees

133410Evacuation and first aid in tree climbing  

Training for skilled tree climbers who completed our basic Tree climbing training or similar.

  • this training is the ideal preparation for ETW certification aspirants

103255Rope parks 103265

For personnel of rope centres and parks and for organizations providing leisure time activities.

  • target objects of operation: rope parks, rope centres

103256Evacuation from cableways

For personnel of cableways and the Integrated Rescue System (IRS).

  • target objects of operation: chair and gondola lifts

103257Training of PPE inspection technicians

Training of persons qualified for periodic inspection of personal protective equipment against falls from heights according to CSN EN 365 standard.

  • target groups: users, sellers, OHS technicians, supervisors and instructors of emergency services of IRS, methodologists, operators of rope parks, operators of climbing walls and more

138096First aid and rescue

A first aid and rescue course for workers at height, focused on training in dealing with immediate life-threatening conditions and situations that must be resolved before the arrival of the rescue service.

  • participation in this course is conditional on prior completion of Class 1 training

137994Self-rescue from rack stackers

Training intended for operators of rack stackers, forklifts with a retractable cab and similar machines where there is a risk that the worker gets stuck at height.

  • target objects of operation: automated stackers, rack stackers, forklifts 

103259Training Client

Training for work at height and above depth according to the client's wishes, in which elements of all the classes can combine.

  • target objects of operation: according to the client's needs


Event designed for your company or organization.

  • program for your employees, partners or friends focused (not only) on issues at work at heights

103258PPE product training 103264

SINGING ROCK product training which also includes testing and demonstrations of using of PPE from our production.

  • target groups: PPE users, sellers, persons responsible for selecting PPE for their employees

103261IRATA courses 103263

SINGING ROCK is the first and so far the only company in the Czech Republic which became a member of the globally recognized Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

  • After successful completion of the training the participant receives an IRATA certificate, which is valid around the world and which is required by some entities as the only possible prerequisite to carry out work at height.