Střechy Praha 2016

115744SINGING ROCK invites you to the Roofs Prague 2016 trade fair (Střechy Praha 2016).

Place: PVA EXPO PRAHA LETŇANY, Prague, Czech Rep.
Date:  21st - 23rd January 2016

Come to visit SINGING ROCK booth # 350 where we will show our first-class equipment, training system and multi-functional training centres for work at height and above depth.

The Trade Fair was first organised in 1999 and since this time it has continuously improved and expanded. At the trade fair visitors can see all products related to roofs including roofing, bearing structural systems, insulation, roof windows, roof accessories, gutter system, loft conversions products, special tools and equipment, new technologies and also companies providing roofing, tinsmithing and carpentry. Trade Fair Roofs Prague is also a place where many professionals, experts and architects meet.  From its 6th year it has incorporated the specialized Solar Prague trade fair,  which provides products and information about the different alternative sources. The main issue that the trade fair focuses on is how to save energy costs.

See you at Střechy Praha 2016