110243A unique training centre for work at height and above depth SINGING ROCK POLYGON KLADNO was opened on Friday 21 November 2014 after completion of reconstruction
of a former Poldi factory hall.

POLYGON in Kladno, Czech Republic, is already the second facility of this kind operated by SINGING ROCK. The first POLYGON was built in 2007 in the headquarter of the company, in a village Poniklá in the Liberec Region, Czech Republic. The second training centre built in Kladno is a response to the increasing demand for specialized training, and it comes closer to clients not only from the capital and Central Bohemia but also
to those from other parts of the country for whom this Central Bohemian city is more accessible than the Giant Mountains.

The reason for the construction of both centres is the intention to continually improve services provided by SINGING ROCK to workers at height. In this sense, SINGING ROCK is not just a manufacturer and supplier of first-class equipment for work and movement in the vertical world, but for several years it has also been the supplier of professional training and the provider of comprehensive services and solutions in the field of securing workers at height and above depth.

110244As the time passes, the first POLYGON in Poniklá no longer satisfies the growing interest in professional courses, which led to the decision to build another training centre. A former Poldi factory hall was, thanks to its location, authentic industrial environment and large inner spaces, selected as an ideal place for the construction of a second SINGING ROCK POLYGON training centre.

The hall was purchased in 2010 and its total reconstruction lasted four years. It was offering its premises to those interested in work at height training already during the reconstruction in a testing mode, but it could not provide comfortable environment and complete facilities for all work and rescue situations. New practical knowledge about clients’ needs was obtained during these courses carried out in let’s say combat conditions, and this was used in further equipping of the hall with training obstacles. In the final phase, the interior and the exterior received a new coat, heating was installed in the hall, and the floor was covered with new spring floor. POLYGON KLADNO will, naturally, change and complement its equipment according to the requirements of the clients and according to evolving trends. However, in any case we can say that the reconstruction of the hall was completed in November 2014 and it could be officially opened for regular operation.

110246In addition to invited professional public, representatives of
the State Labour Inspection Authority, Fire Brigade, Police, Prison Services, Air Rescue Services, construction companies and other entities active in the field of safety and health at work at height attended the opening ceremony. The all-day programme started with speeches by the director of Singing Rock s.r.o. Ing. Jiří Hrdina, Polygon Team coordinator Dalibor Plíšek, and inspector from the State Labour Inspection Authority Ing. Lukáš Petik. In their introductory words, they briefly introduced the history and present of SINGING ROCK, explained the activities of training POLYGONs, and stressed the importance of professional preparation for work at height. This was followed by a ceremonial ribbon cutting and a toast to the success of the new training centre.

110245The opening ceremony was followed by accompanying Technical seminar awaited by the visitors, consisting of lectures and practical demonstrations in the area of work and movement at height. Trainers from the POLYGON Team showed a commented rescue of a worker from height and presented in detail the POLYGON Training System, which is structured from basic class-1 training for movement on roofs and constructions to the most prestigious training with international IRATA certification for highest-level professionals. Other items on the programme included members of the Fire Brigade of the Czech Republic with a description of activities of the Brigade and a demonstration of rescue from a cable car, a representative of the Air Rescue Services in Hradec Králové with a really interesting lecture on “Suspension Trauma - myths and facts” or delegates from the State Labour Inspection Authority and Grimo BOZP s.r.o. and Skanska a.s. with talks on the control, prevention and security of work at height. The final presentations were again mainly practical. Representatives of the Police of the Czech Republic showed a demonstration of how a special duty unit pacifies an offender using rope techniques, and a Prison Services duty unit showed the audience pacification of aggressive prisoners and work of dog handlers.

110242Throughout the day, all participants had the opportunity not only to talk to each other but also to SINGING ROCK developers and POLYGON trainers to discuss further possibilities of improving equipment or operating procedures, which many have taken advantage of. Based on the feedback, the event was a success. The organizers, the presenters and the visitors were satisfied and we hope to see each other in a similarly relaxed atmosphere and in large numbers at another event in POLYGON KLADNO. We wish POLYGON KLADNO many satisfied clients and them well-being and safety when working at heights.

Safety first!


From medias:

  • news report by the Czech TV from the POLYGON KLADNO training centre (in Czech language only)