Looking back at the Czech Championship in Industrial Climbing 2014

110758Yet another year of Sambar STEEL, the Open Czech Championship in Industrial Climbing, took place in the SINGING ROCK POLYGON KLADNO training centre for work at height on the weekend of 22–23 November 2014.

Taking place since 2007, the contest has gained international reputation which was again manifested by the great number of foreign participants. In addition to the representatives of the Czech Republic, contestants from Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Scotland took part this year. Very nice attendance.

On the first day, Saturday 22 November, forty men and five women competed in two categories in disciplines Alpine butterfly, Arrow and Barrel, which are based on common situations in the field of work at height. (The main referee summarizes the disciplines and their rules in detail in a coverage by Czech TV - in Czech language.) On the following day, teams competed in an extended version of the Barrel discipline.

The performances were often comparable but the results show that this year was dominated by the Poles. The podium (men, women, teams):

  Andrzej Rudkowski (PL - Zabrze)
  Katarzyna Pociej (PL - WYSOKOŚCIÓWKA.org)

  Jakub Zięba (PL - GP)

  Kristýna Váňová (CZ - Teplice)

  Paweł Jowik (PL - WYSOKOŚCIÓWKA.org)
  Martina Janecká (CZ - Ústí nad Labem)

  BRUDNE GACIE (PL - Andrzej Rudkowski, Marek Chmielarski, Dominik Szmajda)

  SAMBAR (CZ - Roman Hóta, Martin Hóta, Vojtěch Kraydl)

  RATBOC SCW TOTEM (PL - Szymon Ciemnicki, Bartosz Baran, Damian Weglarz)     


POLYGON saw a friendly competitive atmosphere all weekend long. The participants had the opportunity to watch new techniques and gain further valuable experience. The promoters and organizers also enjoyed the contest as they were delighted by the growing interest and the contestants’ excellent results. Sambar Steel 2014 is over and we look forward to the next year of the Czech Championship in Industrial Climbing.

Safety first!

Sambar Steel 14 - video

(video by Partychvil Documentary)

Sambar Steel 14 - photos