ITRA L1/L2 training - CANCELLED

Update 05/2021: We regret to inform all applicants that the ITRA L1/L2 rope rescue course, originally planned for summer 2021 and lately postponed until spring 2021, was completely cancelled due to pandemic and technical reasons. Currently we don't plan to organize this course at another date.

We are sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding!

POLYGON Singing Rock, The Crackerjack Group and Total Rescue

Update 07/2020: We regret to inform all applicants that the August ITRA L1/L2 rope rescue course is postponed until spring 2021 due to bad corona situation in the USA. Currently the United States are not on the EU list of safe countries. Thus, our colleagues from the overseas organizations can´t arrive to Europe this summer. New date (probably March/April) will be announced in advance.

POLYGON Singing Rock, The Crackerjack Group and Total Rescue invite you to the ITRA L1/L2 rope rescue course which will be held in the Polygon training centre in Kladno, Czechia on 17-22 August 2020.

ITRA, the International Technical Rescue Association is a non-profit trade association, established by technical rescue practitioners for technical rescue practitioners. It exists to provide global recognition of technical rescue practitioners including instructors. They have developed a global syllabus to complement national standards, allowing local flexibility with global recognition.

The August ITRA course and assessment is the first in the Czech Republic! The 4 day preparation class will cover all appropriate learning objectives for L1 (Intro) and L2 (Technician) and prepare students for an intense 2 day independent assessment.

Students who successfully complete this comprehensive 6 day workshop and assessment will be eligible for certification as an ITRA Rope Technician.

Course Syllabus

Level 1: overview of ITRA, incident command, rescue and safety laws, communications and signals, command tactics, knots, rescue equipment, single and multipoint anchoring, hauling and lowering systems (low angle), belay operation, edge protection, edge-lines or work positioning systems, personal ascending and descending (and change overs), on-rope self-rescue, patient packaging, litter attending, rope rescue medical considerations

Level 2: lowering and raising systems (high angle), stretcher 138003and attendant rigging for high angle operations, knot passing (ascend, descend, lower, raising), artificial high directional, complex and compound mechanical advantage, horizontal highlines, system change overs, rope rescue physics (vector forces, fall factors, slope loading and T method), system analysis, pick-off rescues, stretcher edge negotiation, anchors (vehicle, deadman, ground anchors), load releasing hitches, improvised harnesses, lock out-tag out systems, and safety around aircraft

Course information

Date & place: 17-22 August 2020, Polygon Singing Rock in Kladno (30 km far from Prague), Czechia

Instructors: Craig McClure (The Crackerjack Group) and Randy MacLean (Total Rescue)

Price: 1,250 USD (including assessment)

Validity of certificate:36 months (3 years)

Registration:ITRA L1/L2 Course and Assessment

Recommended equipment: certified rescue harness, helmet for working at height, suitable work wear, hiking or safety boots, safety goggles or glasses, leather gloves, certified auto-lock descender (11mm),
6 aluminum locking carabiners, prussik loops or purcell prussiks, handled ascender and climbing system (own PPE for work at height is not a prerequisite; complete equipment can be lent free of charge during the training)

For more information contact Craig McClure by