Internationally recognized training courses for workers at height of the best possible qualification. SINGING ROCK is certified as an IRATA training company.

SINGING ROCK is the first and so far the only company in the Czech Republic to become
a member of the globally recognized INDUSTRIAL ROPE ACCESS TRADE ASSOCIATION.

IRATA was founded in the UK in order to ensure a safe working 102673environment for workers at height. In a quarter of century of its existence, IRATA has become a leading expert in the field of security in work at height, and in this field it is the only global association with many member organizations around the world.

Our IRATA courses therefore provide, in conjunction with our equipped certificated POLYGONs, a unique opportunity to obtain the best possible qualification for work at height and above depth. After successful completion of the training participants receive the IRATA certificate, which is valid around the world and which is required by some foreign entities as the only possible prerequisite to carry out work at height.

This intensive five-day course is concluded by a theoretical and  102675mainly practical exam under the supervision of an independent IRATA commissioner. In this mentally and physically challenging week, trainees will acquire a wide range of access techniques used when working at heights. An independent mastery of these is required to successfully pass the final exams.

The course is led by an experienced IRATA instructor, whose individual approach reflects the trainees' specific needs. In order
to maintain the IRATA standards, the course capacity is limited to eight trainees.

The IRATA education structure divides trainings into three technical levels:

  • Level 1
    a rope access technician capable of performing a specific range of rope access techniques
  • Level 2
    an experienced rope access technician familiar with Level 1 techniques as well as more complex skills and rescue of the injured in rope access

  • Level 3
    a rope access expert qualified to supervise the workplace during projects at height and above depth. S/he is able to demonstrate skills and knowledge required in Level 1, 2 and 3. S/he has experience with the techniques and related legislation. S/he has a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques.

Additional information

  • take with you:solid ankle boots, work clothing, gloves, eye protection, snack, own PPE for work at height (not a prerequisite; complete equipment is lent free of charge during the training)

  • place of training: POLYGON Poniklá, POLYGON Kladno 103577

  • number of participants: max. 8

  • duration: each level 42 hours (6 days, including the exam)
  • output: certificate, card with a photo, textbook

  • validity of certificate:each certificate 36 months (3 years)


  • 22 200,- CZK without VAT(26 862,- CZK including VAT),
    or 870,- EUR without VAT(1053,- EUR including VAT)

Registration, dates

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