Current rules for training at polygons

138030The situation around coronavirus is evolving dynamically and the government or ministries are introducing (and withdrawing) various measures against covid that affect our operations. On this page you will find the current rules and conditions under which training is carried out at our training polygons in Kladno and Poniklá and in our partner polygons in Brno, Ostrava and Karlovy Vary.

All polygons are in operation. You can choose a suitable training date in our calendar.

According to the emergency measure of the Ministry of Health of 5 January 2022, from 17 January 2022 we train vaccinated and unvaccinated trainees under the following conditions:

A trainee who is an employee of a company

A trainee who is an employee of a company provides proof of a regular testing from his/her employer.

The employer is required to:

  • provide a regular testing of all employees, in the workplace, using a rapid antigen test designed for self-testing;
  • with a frequency of testing of 2 times per week (the subsequent testing to take place no earlier than the third day after the previous testing).


To participate in the training, a participant must do an antigen COVID-19 self-test with the negative result prior to the training and provide his/her health insurance number on an attendance sheet.

Exceptions to testing:

  • a person who has had an RT-PCR test with a negative result within the last 72 hours;
  • a person who has undergone a rapid antigen test, performed by a health professional, with the negative result within the last 24 hours;
  • a person who undergoes the preventive testing with another employer of which he/she is an employee or with another legal person of which he/she is an organ or member of an organ.

The employee shall prove the above exceptions with:

  • either a digital EU COVID certificate or a certificate from the health service provider;
  • or a written confirmation from the employer or legal person of which he/she is an organ or member of an organ that he/she is undergoing the preventive testing.

Failure to meet these conditions, or if symptoms of COVID-19 are present, participation in the training will not be allowed.

Additional precautions

Additional precautions are spacing of participants at least 1.5 m apart and air circulation with freshly drawn outdoor air (natural ventilation, air handling or heat recovery) without air recirculation. Trainers and trainees must protect themselves with a respirator.

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