Class 1 - Roofs and constructions

103248For workers who operate at height and above depth who are in danger of falling from height or into depth, sliding or caving in. These workers have a permanent foothold during work. The use of PPE has rather preventive and work positioning character. This is not work in hanging position.

  • target groups: roofers, tinsmiths, carpenters, electrotechnicians (internet, TV technology, telecommunications), power engineers, servicemen of industrial hall and buildings, security equipment, advertising, chimney sweeps, cleaning, assembling,
    sewerage, ornithologist, etc. 103249
  • target objects of operation:
    roofs, frame constructions, poles, ladders, industrial halls (machines, moulds, loaders, constructions), elevated surfaces, shelves, scaffolding, silos, stage constructions, cranes, sewerage, chimneys, etc.

Content of training

  • theoretical part:
    legislation in EU and CZ (laws, norms and regulations, Labour Code) risk analysis, first aid (prevention, first aid giving, communication with IRS, first aid bag equipment)
  • theoretical exam: test with 20 questions
  • practical part:
    1) introduction to PPE, using climbing techniques for OHS securing and positioning, OHS in the workplace, lifting and lowering of loads, permanent securing devices and more
    2) first aid (resuscitation, basic bandaging techniques, stopping the bleeding, recovery position, anti-shock measures), extrication from an accident site
  • practical exam: according to the practical part, practical task and its correct solving within OHS

Additional information

  • take with you: solid ankle boots, work clothing, gloves, eye protection, snack, own PPE for work at height (not a prerequisite; complete equipment is lent free of charge during the training)

  • place of training: POLYGON Poniklá, POLYGON Kladno or according to the client's needs

  • number of participants: max. 15 participants per one trainer 103312

  • duration of training: 7 hours (1 day)

  • output: certificate, card with a photo, textbook

  • validity of certificate: 12 months


  • training: 1500,- CZK without VAT (1815,- CZK including VAT)
  • in case of training at a client's workplace, there are additional transport costs 15 CZK/km without VAT
  • in case of training in an optional date, the price is by agreement

Registration, dates

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